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xii + 263 pp.

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In Other Words
Essays on Social Science Methods and the New Testament in Honor of Jerome H. Neyrey
Edited by Anselm C. Hagedorn, Zeba A. Crook, Eric Stewart

Jerome H. Neyrey, Professor of New Testament at the University of Notre Dame since 1992, is widely recognized for his groundbreaking contributions to social-scientific criticism of the Gospels and the Epistles.

In this Festschrift the contributors notably advance the cause of social-scientific New Testament study. David Aune writes on Christian beginnings and cognitive dissonance theory, Zeba Crook on constructing a model of ancient prayer, Craig deVos on good news to the poor in Luke, John H. Elliott on envy and the evil eye, Philip Esler on the development of a non-ethnic group identity in John, Bruce Malina and John Pilch on the wrath of God, Halvor Moxnes on masculinity and place in Luke, Douglas Oakman on coinage in the Judean temple system, Carolyn Osiek on motivation for the conversion of women in early Christianity, Eric Stewart on the city in Mark, and Gerd Theissen on early Christian communities and ancient organizations.

Anselm C. Hagedorn is Wissenschaftlicher Assistent in Old Testament at Humboldt-Universität, Berlin.
Zeba A. Crook is Assistant Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins at Carleton University, Ottawa
Eric Stewart is Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Theology at the University of Notre Dame

Series: The Social World of Biblical Antiquity, Second Series, 1
978-1-905048-39-7 hardback
Publication August 2007

The essays that combine insights from various social-science disciplines with evidence from the writers of antiquity (Crook, Elliott, Esler, and Malina and Pilch) are helpful illustrations of the best of NT social-scientific criticism. Osiek’s and Moxnes’s papers will intrigue anyone interested in study of women and/or gender; the former reassessing assumptions about why women joined the Jesus movement; the latter elegantly demonstrating how much is missed by ignoring spatial practices. Ritva H. Williams, Catholic Biblical Quarterly.