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248 pp.

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Voyages in Uncharted Waters
Essays on the Theory and Practice of Biblical Interpretation in Honour of David Jobling
Edited by Wesley J. Bergen, Armin Siedlecki

This volume honours the work of David Jobling, the distinguished Professor of Old Testament Language and Literature at St Andrew's College, Saskatoon, Canada. Jobling has been noted for his adventurous forays into the theory and practice of biblical interpretation, especially of the Hebrew Bible, and for his interdisciplinary bridge-building. The volume is divided into three sections corresponding to three of Jobling's principal interests, each section being prefaced with an introduction to his work in that area by the editors.

Section 1 is on Post-Structuralism, with contributions by Gary Phillips, George Aichele, Francis Landy, Robert Culley and Matthew Mitchell. In Section 2, on Ideological Criticism, the authors are Roland Boer, David Gunn, Volker Greifenhagen and Tina Pippin. Section 3, on Global Readings, contains papers by Gerald West, Jione Havea, Ed Conrad and Norman Habel.

The Festschrift concludes with personal tributes by Christopher Lind and Norman Gottwald.

Wesley J. Bergen is Visiting Associate Professor in the Department of Religion, Wichita State University, Kansas.
Armin Siedlecki is a Catalog Librarian at Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta.

Series: Hebrew Bible Monographs, 13
978-1-905048-57-1 hardback
Publication October 2006

Festschriften are very often like music CDs, where there is usually one or two excellent tracks, and the rest of the songs are fairly forgettable. Similarly, when one opens a Festschrift, one can expect to find one or two essays that are memorable; the majority, for whatever reason, make little ‘splash’. Thus it is a delight to find a Festschrift comprising essays that are, with only one or two exceptions, excellent, provocative, and informative. Voyages is that sort of Festschrift. James E. West, Review of Biblical Literature.