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Spirit and Story
Pentecostal Readings of Scripture. Essays in Honour of John Christopher Thomas
Blaine Charette, Robby Waddell

This collection of essays brings together an international group of biblical scholars, theologians, and historians who are committed to readings of biblical texts that are sensitive to the work of the Spirit. Perhaps no one has contributed more in recent decades to the description and promotion of Pentecostal Theology than Chris Thomas, and this volume serves as a loving and respectful tribute to his commitment and achievement.

Thomas’s own work on the story told in the Gospel and Letters of John as well as his explorations into the narrative structure of the Apocalypse are models not only of exegetical proficiency but also of the careful elucidation of the text for the general reader as well as the expert. Moreover, his work is distinguished by a prayerful pastoral commitment as his ear is consistently attentive to what the Spirit is saying to the church.

The influence of Chris Thomas has been very considerable. The essays presented here capture the scope of his interests and of his important contribution to both the church and the academy.

Series: New Testament Monographs, 41
978-1-910928-69-1 hardback
Publication November 2020

In Celebration of John Christopher Thomas
Lee Roy Martin

The Spirit of the Story of Rizpah in 2 Samuel 21.1-14
Rickie D. Moore

The Kingdom of the Son of Man and the Vocation of the Church in Matthew
Blaine Charette

The Coming of the Son of Man in Mark’s Gospel
Robby Waddell

Leading or Following? Some Aspects of the Spirit’s Role in John’s Gospel
Andrew T. Lincoln

The Devil, Disease, and Deliverance: James 5.14-16 in the Context of Contemporary African Christianity
J. Ayodeji Adewuya

‘Worship in Spirit and Truth’: The Role of Worship in the Fourth Gospel in Concert with the Liturgy of the Apocalypse
Melissa L. Archer

A Pneumatic Discernment of the Spirit-Beast of Revelation 13.11-17
Robert W. Wall

‘To Him Who Loves Us and Freed Us from Our Sins by His Blood…’: A Pentecostal Unveiling of Apocalyptic Love
Amos Yong

Hearing God’s Word in the Presence of Our Enemies: Protest, Compassion, and Reconciliation
Chris E.W. Green

Pentecostal Eschatology and Historical Events
William K. Kay

Receiving the Spirit in Her Early Pentecostal Body: Sanctification, Spirit Baptism, and the Lamb Slain for Sinners
Kimberly Ervin Alexander

The Cleveland School: The Making of an Academic Pentecostal Theological Tradition
Kenneth J. Archer

Restorying’ Life and Death: From the Iconoclasm of Violence to Love as the Life of the New Creation
Daniela C. Augustine

Signs of Grace in a Graceless World: The Charismatic Structure of the Church in Trinitarian Perspective
Frank D. Macchia

Although, at first glance, this Festschrift might be construed as a collection of essays from a narrow circle of Pentecostal interpreters, the volume in fact contains a lively array of exegetical discussions and perspectives on theological and sociohistorical issues. Indeed, the variety within the volume stands out as a strength that illustrates the richness of the contributions to the academy from Pentecostal scholars … [A] delightful collection of scholarly contributions. Susan Wendel, Catholic Biblical Quarterly.