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xx + 341 pp.

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God and Humans in the Hebrew Bible and Beyond:
A Festschrift for Lennart Boström on his 67th Birthday
Edited by David Willgren

In 1990, in his important study The God of the Sages: The Portrayal of God in the Book of Proverbs, Lennart Boström tackled the issue of how the sages viewed their God and God’s relationship with the world. In honour of Boström, and in line with that study, this Festschrift takes up this issue anew. A number of international specialists, including James Crenshaw, Göran Eidevall, Mark A. Throntveit, and Antti Laato, discuss various aspects of how God and humans are portrayed in the Bible.

The first section of the book focuses on notions of God. There is a fresh look at monolatry in the Hebrew Bible, and at God’s faithfulness in Paul’s soteriology. The second section deals with humans, featuring, for example, two articles on Psalm 8.5, one with a focus on the Hebrew Bible, and the other reading the psalm through the eyes of women in Myanmar. There is also an article on angst in wisdom literature.

The third section brings God and humans into dialogue, looking at how various interpretations of suffering in the psalms shape the view of the divine–human relationship, or how God and humans relate to each other in books like Jonah and Ruth. The fourth and last section of the book focuses on God and God’s people, where new proposals are presented on the roles played by Zion and by the ten commandments.

This volume presents stimulating and up-to-date engagements with its theme, an excellent resource for scholars of both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament.

Series: Hebrew Bible Monographs, 85
9781910928622 hardback
Publication October 2019

Publications of Lennart Boström vii
Preface ix
Authors xii
Abbreviations xvi
I. God 1
1. “All Things under the Sun Are One, Are One”:
Understanding Yahweh Monolatry in the Hebrew Bible
(Antti Laato) 3
2.The Character of God in Jeremiah (Åke Viberg) 22
3. Neither God’s Wrath, nor God’s Love: The Faithfulness
of God as the Leitmotif in Paul’s Soteriology in
Romans 3:21–26 (Mikael Tellbe) 29
II. Humans 49
4. Stories about Humans in a Complicated World:
The Narratives of the Hebrew Bible (Greger Andersson) 51
5. What Are Human Beings? Some Observations on the
Anthropology of Psalm 8 and Related Texts in
the Hebrew Bible (Hallvard Hagelia) 72
6. What Is a Human Being? Answering Psalm 8:5
from a Christian Feminist Perspective with
Special Focus on Women in Myanmar (Naw Htoo Htoo) 97
7. Angst in Wisdom Literature (James Crenshaw) 119
8. Women as Testifying Witnesses in Early Judaism:
A Preliminary Survey (Tommy Wasserman) 135
III. God and Humans 163
9. God, the Prophet, and All the Animals in
the Book of Jonah (LarsOlov Eriksson) 165
10. Canonical Tamings of Suffering: On How Paratextual
Activities Reshapes the Relationship between God
and Human in Psalm 71 (David Willgren) 176
11. Body and Soul in the Psalms: A Terminological
Study with Anthropological and Theological
Implications (Göran Eidevall) 208
12.The Portrayal of Divine and Human in the
Book of Ruth (Fredrik Lindström) 224
IV. God and People 249
13. What If the Ten Commandments Aren’t?
(Mark A. Throntveit) 251
14. Zion as a Mother in the Restored Relationship
between God and God’s People: A Study of
Isaiah 66:7–14a (Stefan Green) 266
15. God and the Disobedient People: On Luke’s Use of
Isaiah 6:9–10 in Luke–Acts (Lennart Thörn) 298
Index of Biblical References 315
Index of Authors 335