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306 pp.

£65 / $135 / €120
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£15.95 / $22.50 / €20

Studies in Hermeneutics, Christology and Discipleship
Richard N. Longenecker

These eleven lucid, fresh, and thought-provoking essays from a master-craftsman among New Testament scholars reflect his conviction that these three topics—hermeneutics, Christology and discipleship—must always be considered together.

In the first set of essays, Longenecker sets out his distinctive take on the nature of an evangelical hermeneutics.

In the second set, he focusses on what he calls the ‘foundational conviction of New Testament Christology’, the obedience / faithfulness / sonship of Christ, and brings back into discussion often forgotten dimensions of Christology. Here he explores a range of christological materials and motifs within the early Christian communities, with special studies on the concept of the virgin birth and on the curious case of the Melchizedek Christology in Hebrews.

The third set, both practical and exegetical, are, as he says, ‘where the rubber meets the road’, and concern the implications of the ‘Son of Man’ imagery for discipleship and the theme of discipleship in Luke–Acts.

R.N. Longenecker is Professor Emeritus of New Testament, Wycliffe College, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Series: New Testament Monographs, 3
1-905048-05-X, 978-1-905048-05-2 hardback / 1-905048-68-8, 978-1-905048-68-7 paperback
Publication November 2004

1. Three Ways of Understanding Relations between the
Testaments-Historically and Today 2
2. A Developmental Hermeneutic: New Treasures as Well as Old 19
3. Can We Reproduce the Exegesis of the New Testament? 34
4. Major Tasks of an Evangelical Hermeneutic: Some Observations
on Commonalities, Interrelations, and Differences 72

5. Christological Materials within the Early Christian
Communities 90
6. The Foundational Conviction of New Testament Christology:
The Obedience / Faithfulness / Sonship of Christ 122
7. Some Distinctive Early Christological Motifs 146
8. Whose Child is This? 176
9. The Melchizedek Argument of Hebrews: A Unique
Christological Presentation for a Particular Situation 188

10. “Son of Man” Imagery: Some Implications for Theology
and Discipleship 224
11. Taking up the Cross Daily: Discipleship in Luke-Acts 246