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The Book of Job
John Gray

John Gray, who was Professor of Hebrew and Semitic Languages in the University of Aberdeen, left at his death in 2000 a complete manuscript of a commentary on the Book of Job. Rich in text-critical and philological observations, the manuscript has been carefully prepared for the press; it will soon become a standard work for scholars and students of the biblical book, and a fitting tribute to the sound judgment and innovative scholarship of its author.

John Gray was noted especially for his books The Legacy of Canaan (1957; 2nd edn, 1964), The Biblical Doctrine of the Reign of God (1979), and his commentaries, I and II Kings (1963; 2nd edn, 1970) and Joshua, Judges and Ruth (1967). Gray’s commentary on Job, which is prefaced by a lengthy general introduction, is the first volume in a new series of commentaries on the text of the Hebrew Bible. All the volumes will concentrate on the text criticism and philology of the Hebrew text, a feature notably lacking or merely perfunctory in many current biblical commentary series.

John Gray was Professor of Hebrew and Semitic Languages in the University of Aberdeen.

Series: Text of the Hebrew Bible, 1
978-1-905048-02-1 hardback / 978-1-909697-91-1 paperback
Publication October 2010

This masterful work was written by a semitist and a biblical scholar at the end of his career. It is divided into two sections: the first part presents an introduction (pp. 3-116), dealing with Hebrew and ANE wisdom, date, provenance, language, composition, literary forms, versions, and argument, while the second part involves a verse-by-verse commentary (pp. 119-507).… For many years to come, any student or scholar interested in a serious study of Job will have to consult Gray's commentary for its comprehensive textual and philological treatment of the text. Richard W. Medina, Bulletin for Biblical Research.