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xvi + 333 pp.

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Reading a Tendentious Bible
Essays in Honor of Robert B. Coote
Edited by Marvin L. Chaney, Uriah Y. Kim, Annette Schellenberg

Robert B. Coote is internationally renowned for work on the Bible and the ancient Near East that crosses the usual disciplinary boundaries. Whether re-examining arcane inscriptions, conventional views of the Pentateuch, Israel’s early history, the composition of a particular book of the Bible, or the making of the Bible in the broader sense, his question has been not whether some texts are tendentious and others not, but rather how each biblical composition or re-composition pushes back against its contexts. Coote’s skill in explicating the subtle interplay between contextual foil and literary structure and content has been a major characteristic of his work.

Nineteen colleagues, friends, and former students have joined to honour Bob Coote with this Festschrift. Their wide-ranging contributions cover many, but not all of the interests of his prodigious career—textual criticism (Emanuel Tov), literary studies in several guises (Barbara Green, Uriah Y. Kim, Annette Schellenberg, Chris Seeman), historiography (Norman K. Gottwald, Ernst Axel Knauf, Keith W. Whitelam), social institutions (John H. Elliott, Sarah Shectman), text and social context (Marvin L. Chaney, Eugene Eung-Chun Park, Herman C. Waetjen), cultural memory (Ronald Hendel), ethnic identity (Aaron J. Brody), relationship of oral and written ‘texts’ (Antoinette Clark Wire), iconography and text (Annette Weissenrieder), cuneiform and gender studies (Mary Frances Wogec), and hermeneutics (Chandler Stokes).

Marvin L. Chaney is Nathaniel Gray Professor Emeritus of Hebrew Exegesis and Old Testament, San Francisco Theological Seminary and the Graduate Theological Union, San Anselmo and Berkeley, CA.
Uriah Y. Kim is Academic Dean and Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible, Hartford Seminary, Hartford, CT.
Annette Schellenberg is Associate Professor of Old Testament, San Francisco Theological Seminary and the Graduate Theological Union, San Anselmo and Berkeley, CA.

Series: Hebrew Bible Monographs, 66
978-1-907534-93-5 hardback
Publication October 2014

Aaron J. Brody
Judean Identity in an Era of Empire:
Archaeological Approaches from Iron II Tell en-Nasbeh

Marvin L. Chaney
Producing Peasant Poverty: Debt Instruments in Amos 2.6-8, 13-16

John H. Elliott
Social-Scientific Criticism of the Bible:
Emergence, Features, and Contributions

Norman K. Gottwald
Can a “History of Ancient Israel” Be Written?
Periodization, Interactive Power Networks, and Reading Israel’s History Teleologically

Barbara Green, O.P.
Pigeon-Holes, Pigeon-Choices, Pigeon-Handlers:
Form, Rhetoric, and Genre in Biblical Studies

Ronald Hendel
The Exodus and the Poetics of Memory

Uriah Y. Kim
The Woman of 4Q184: She’s No Ordinary Woman

Ernst Axel Knauf
Can a “History of Palestine” Be Written?

Eugene Eung-Chun Park
Cynic Itinerant Philosophers and Galilean Wandering Missionaries in Matthew

Annette Schellenberg
Boundary Crossings in and through the Song of Songs:
Observations on the Liminal Character and Function of the Song

Chris Seeman
Trading Places: Luke’s Big Omission and Acts 10

Sarah Shectman
What Do We Know about Marriage in Ancient Israel?

Chandler Stokes
Read the Text

Emanuel Tov
Some Aspects of the Textual History of the Torah

Herman C. Waetjen
John the Baptist: An Anomalous Prophet at the Culmination of the Second Temple

Annette Weissenrieder
Images for Seeing—Images for Hearing?
On the Limitation of Visual Art and Language as Ekphrasis in Revelation 17

Keith W. Whitelam
Architectures of Enmity

Antoinette Clark Wire
Spoken Scripture in a Gospel Telling

Mary Frances Wogec
Divine Patrons of Birth in Ancient Mesopotamia:
An Inquiry into Gender Roles in Ancient Mesopotamian Birth Rituals