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xiv + 243 pp.

£27.50 / $45 / €30
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Reforging the Bible
More Biblical Stories and their Literary Reception
Anthony C. Swindell

Reforging the Bible continues the programme Anthony Swindell began in his earlier book, Reworking the Bible: The Literary Reception-History of Fourteen Biblical Stories (Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2010). It is a study of the reception in literature of over a dozen biblical stories, giving particular attention to rewritings that make radical changes to the original text. The reworkings are analysed using a morphology based on that of Gérard Genette in his study, Palimpsests. A new emphasis in this volume is on spatiality as a topic in rewritten biblical narratives.

The stories explored in this volume include those of Adam and Eve, Melchizedek, Lot and his Family, Joseph, Ruth, King Saul, David and Bathsheba, Tobit, the Virgin Mary, the Wedding at Cana, the Good Samaritan, Doubting Thomas, and the Second Coming. The literary reworkings discussed include the Old English Genesis A and Genesis B, the medieval Cyprian Feasts, the sixteenth-century broadside ballad David and Berseba, and works by Geoffrey Chaucer, William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Izak Dinesen, Carol Ann Duffy, André Gide, Rudyard Kipling, D.H. Lawrence, Penelope Lively, Thomas Mann, Dorothy Sayers, Mark Twain, Fernando Vallejo, Sally Vickers and Voltaire.

Also included is a chapter on folkloric versions of biblical stories as intermediaries in its literary reception. As well as providing the general reader with fascinating insights into the literary reception of the Bible, this work offers scholars an overview of a range of extraordinary reworkings which offer promising avenues for future research.

Anthony C. Swindell is Rector of St Saviour, Jersey, Channel Islands.

Series: Bible in the Modern World, 58
978-1-909697-31-7 hardback
Publication January 2014

Introduction: From Reworking to Reforging
1. Adam and Eve in Europe
2. Melchizedek and Global Space
3. Lot and his Family in the Landscape
4. Joseph in Egypt and Europe
5. Ruth in Poland and South Africa
6. Saul in the Witch's Tent
7. David and Bathsheba in London and Porto Rico
8. Tobit in Venice and the Far East
9. The Virgin of the Forest and City
10. Cana: Interpretive Crossroads
11. The Good Samaritan Rides Again
12. Doubting Thomas or Thomas of India
13. The Second Coming in Dublin, Belgium, Brazil and Mexico
14. The Folkloric Factor: Folktales as Intermediaries in the Rewriting of Biblical Pretexts
15. Narrative Upheavals
16. Reforging Space