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xiii + 318 pp.

£65 / $100 / €80
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£24.50 / $28.50 / €26.50

Biblical Masculinities Foregrounded
Edited by Ovidiu Creanga, Peter-Ben Smit

Biblical Masculinities Foregrounded brings together ten innovative studies on varieties of masculinity evidenced in the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament and other early Christian writings. A sequel to the 2010 collection, Men and Masculinity in the Hebrew Bible and Beyond, this new volume raises important questions about why the study of biblical masculinities matters, what it contributes to our knowledge of the ancient writers’ world as well as to our contemporary world, and which methods adequately attend to that study. The volume is designed as a resource for scholars of both Testaments working from a variety of biblical traditions and ideological perspectives on masculinity.

The following studies are offered as companions in the conversation: Yahweh’s masculinity in appearances in glory in Exodus and Ezekiel (Alan Hooker); Proverbs’ (de)construction of masculinity (Hilary Lipka); Saul’s troubled masculinity in 1–2 Samuel (Marcel Măcelaru); weeping men in the Torah and the Deuteronomistic history (Milena Kirova); Athaliah’s manly rule (Stuart Macwilliam); Joseph of Nazareth as an everyday man (Justin Glessner); being a male disciple in Matthew’s 'antitheses' (Hans-Ulrich Weidemann); eunuch masculinity in Matthew’s Gospel (Susanna Asikainen); masculinity and circumcision in the first century (Karin Neutel and Matthew Anderson); and Thecla’s masculinity in the Acts of Thecla (Peter-Ben Smit). Ovidiu Creangă opens the volume with a critical appraisal of the current state of play in the field, while Martti Nissinen and Bjӧrn Krondorfer offer closing critical reflections that situate the book’s topics within broader debates regarding masculinities in religious studies.

Peter-Ben Smit is Professor of Ecclesiology of the Early Church at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, Assistant Professor of New Testament at the VU University Amsterdam.

Series: Hebrew Bible Monographs, 62
978-1-907534-88-1 hardback / 978-1-910928-34-9 paperback
Publication March 2014

1. Ovidiu Creangă

2. Alan Hooker
‘Show me your glory’: The Kabod of Yahweh as Phallic Manifestation?

3. Hilary Lipka
Masculinities in Proverbs: An Alternative to the Hegemonic Ideal

4. Marcel Măcelaru
Saul in the Company of Men: (De)Constructing Masculinity in 1 Samuel 9–31

5. Milena Kirova
When Men Cry: The Symbolism of Weeping in the Torah and the Deuteronomistic History

6. Stuart Macwilliam
Athaliah: A Case of Illicit Masculinity

7. Justin Glessner
The Making(s) of an Average Joe: Joseph of Nazareth vs Empire, in Three Rounds

8. Hans-Ulrich Weidemann
‘Do not retaliate against the evil man!’ Being a Male Disciple of Jesus according to Matthew’s Antitheses

9. Susanna Asikainen
‘Eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’: Matthew and Subordinated Masculinities

10. Karin Neutel and Matthew Anderson
The First Cut is the Deepest: Masculinity and Circumcision in the First Century

11. Peter-Ben Smit
Thecla’s Masculinity in the Acts of (Paul and) Thecla

12. Martti Nissinen and Bjӧrn Krondorfer

This book is the first of its kind. While there has been increasing interest in masculinity studies among biblical scholars, this book is the first to treat masculinity across both testaments in the same edited collection.

The essays in this collection are exploring new questions and new tools … [I]t is a must for graduate students and scholars working in this subdiscipline.
Eric Stewart, Biblical Theology Bulletin