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xxiv + 308 pp.

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Where the Wild Ox Roams
Biblical Essays in Honour of Norman C. Habel
Edited by Alan H. Cadwallader, Peter L. Trudinger

Norman C. Habel, the most eminent Hebrew Bible scholar of our time in Australia, has claimed a special place in biblical hermeneutics through his untiring work in the last two decades to foreground environmental issues as the critical lens through which the Bible must be read, judged and interpreted.

This centre of his most recent work has built on a long career of creative engagement with the biblical text, creativity that has witnessed not only major contributions in Hebrew Bible scholarship (most especially on Job and ideologies of ‘the land’) but in drama, poetry, liturgy, puppetry and music. Norm Habel has demonstrated the possibility of the academic being an activist and the activist being a scholar, all the while encouraging emerging and established scholarship to see further into the text and through the text to the justice demanding to be established in the world.

Seventeen friends have joined to honour the man and esteem, through this collection of essays, some of the illustrious facets of his prodigious output — on Job (Mark Brett, David Clines), ecological hermeneutics (Elaine Wainwright, Vicky Balabanski, Alan Cadwallader, Alice Sinnott, Dianne Bergant, Anne Elvey, Philip Davies), the arts (William Urbrock, Carol Newsom), and issues in personal encounters (Martin Buss, Marie Turner, Robert Crotty, Terence Fretheim, Ralph Klein, Gary Stansell).

Alan H. Cadwallader is Senior Lecturer in Biblical Studies in the School of Theology at Australian Catholic University, Canberra.
Peter L. Trudinger teaches in the School of Humanities, Department of Theology, Flinders University, Adelaide.

Series: Hebrew Bible Monographs, 59
978-1-907534-86-7 hardback
Publication October 2013

1. Mark Brett
‘Speak to the earth, and she will instruct you’ (Job 12.8):
An Intersection of Ecological and Indigenous Hermeneutics

2. Vicky Balabanski
The Step of ‘Identification’ in Norman Habel’s Ecological
Hermeneutics: Hermeneutical Reflections on ‘Ecological Conversion’

3. Philip R. Davies
‘Land of Israel’

4. Alice M. Sinnott
Land, Wisdom, Identity and Change: A Reading of Sirach 24

5. Anne Elvey
Rethinking Neighbour Love: A Conversation between Political
Theology and Ecological Ethics

6. Martin J. Buss
Personhood and Ethical Regard

7. Dianne Bergant
Missio Dei: The Transfiguration of All Creation

8. David J.A. Clines
The Worth of Animals in the Divine Speeches of the Book of Job

9. Elaine M. Wainwright
Of Borders, Bread, Dogs and Demons: Reading Matthew 15.21-28 Ecologically

10. Alan H. Cadwallader
The Peasant, the Farmer and the Gardener: Approaches to the Environment of the Mustard Seed

11. William J. Urbrock
Carmel: A Play for Voices Based on 1 Kings 16.29–18.46

12. Terence E. Fretheim
Jacob’s Wrestling and Issues of Divine Power (Genesis 32.22-32)

13. Robert Crotty
The Near-Sacrifice of Isaac: Jewish and Christian Perspectives

14. Gary Stansell
‘You’ve got a friend’: Friendship in the House of Saul

15. Carol A. Newsom
The Book of Job and Terrence Malick's Tree of Life

16. Marie Turner
No Small Theological Difference: The Eroticism of the Hebrew Text of Ben Sira 51.13-30

17. Ralph W. Klein
The Messages of the Prayer of Azariah and the Song of the Three Jews