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xxxiii + 215 pp.

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Beyond the End
The Future of Millennial Studies
Edited by Joshua Searle, Kenneth Newport

There are promising signs that millennial studies is now being recognized by the wider academic community as a profitable pursuit that merits serious scholarly attention. More than ever before, the horizons of academic engagement with millennial ideologies and their historical and cultural ramifications are being expanded over a multiplicity of disciplinary perspectives.

Historians, theologians, literary critics and social scientists have all been able to establish a compelling unanimity in attesting to the vital historical significance and critical contemporary relevance of millennial thought. Thanks to such interdisciplinary efforts, millennial hope is now identified as a vital aspect of the human condition and as a dynamic force that has motivated diverse world-historical individuals from Zoroaster and Francis of Assisi to Adolf Hitler and Mao Zedong.

Contributors to the volume are Jennie Chapman, Andrew Crome, Eugene V. Gallagher, Crawford Gribben, Robert Glenn Howard, Andrew Pierce, Joshua Searle, Timothy Stunt and Kenneth G.C. Newport. There is a substantial Preface by Richard Landes.

Joshua Searle, a graduate of Oxford and Prague, researches on millennial topics in the School of English at Trinity College, Dublin.
Kenneth Newport is Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Professor of Christian Thought, Liverpool Hope University College.

Series: Bible in the Modern World, 49
978-1-907534-68-3 hardback
Publication November 2012

Richard Landes
On Millennial Studies, Vesperian Scholars, and the Millennial Clashes of the Twenty-First Century [Preface]

Crawford Gribben
Evangelicalism, Historiography and the Possibility of Theory

Andrew Crome
Historical Understandings in Millennial Studies: A Case Study

Timothy Stunt
Trinity College, John Darby and the Powerscourt Milieu

Andrew Pierce
The Modernist Millennium

Jennie Chapman
Theorizing the ‘Fictional Turn’ in Popular Dispensationalism

Robert Glenn Howard
Digital Apotheosis: New Communication Technologies and Vernacular Authority

Joshua Searle
The Future of Millennial Studies and the Hermeneutics of Hope: A Theological Reflection

Eugene V. Gallagher
Reading Prophetically: Millennialism, Prophecy and Tradition

Kenneth G.C. Newport
The Imagination of the Millennial Mind