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xxiv + 367 pp.

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Making a Difference
Essays on the Bible and Judaism in Honor of Tamara Cohn Eskenazi
Edited by David J.A. Clines, Kent Harold Richards, Jacob L. Wright

Tamara Cohn Eskenazi has a special place in contemporary biblical scholarship. Among the first to bring a focus of scholarly attention to the period of ancient Israel’s creativity after the Exile, she has also been a leader in foregrounding the Jewish tradition within the interpretative discourse of biblical scholars. And as a woman scholar, she has advanced the study of issues in the Hebrew Bible that impinge on the concerns of women ancient and modern.

Tamara Eskenazi was awarded the 2008 National Jewish Book Award for her volume The Torah: A Women’s Commentary and the 2011 National Jewish Book Award in Women’s Studies for her commentary on Ruth in the Jewish Publication Society Bible Commentary series.

The 26 articles offered to Tamara Eskenazi by her friends in this volume represent the range of her interests in all things biblical and Jewish. From the Book of Genesis to the New Testament to modern Hebrew fiction, from technical studies on the prophets or Qumran to penetrating insights on her beloved philosopher Levinas, this volume beautifully represents the range and depth of Jewish culture.

David J.A. Clines is Professor of Biblical Studies at the University of Sheffield.
Kent Harold Richards is Emeritus Executive Director of the Society of Biblical Literature, Professor of Old Testament, Emory University, and Pastor, First United Methodist Church, Mystic, CT.
Jacob L. Wright is Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible at Emory University.

Series: Hebrew Bible Monographs, 49
978-1-907534-72-0 hardback
Publication October 2012

Rachel Adler
Rabbinic Dirges and the Voices of Women in Lament

Annette Aronowicz
The Sweet Lie of Metaphor: Levinas’s Reflections on Metaphor and their Implications for Biblical Hermeneutics

Judith R. Baskin
Educating Jewish Girls in Medieval Muslim and Christian Settings

Athalya Brenner
Madame Potiphar Revisited out of and in the Classroom

Mark G. Brett
The Politics of Marriage in Genesis

Catherine Chalier
The Voice and the Book

David J.A. Clines
The Failure of the Flood

William Cutter
Micah Yosef Berdyczewski and the New Jewish Mimesis: Two Stories in Honor of Tamara C. Eskenazi

Pamela Eisenbaum
Paul vis-à-vis Levinas

David Ellenson
A Zionist Reading of Abraham Geiger and his Biblical Scholarship

Lisbeth S. Fried
The Law Triumphant: Another Look at 1 Esdras

Frederick E. Greenspahn
Standing Again at Sinai?

Sara Japhet
The Composition of Ezra–Nehemiah from the Perspective of a Medieval Jewish Commentator

Gary N. Knoppers
The Samaritan Schism or the Judaization of Samaria? Reassessing Josephus’s Account of the Mt Gerizim Temple

Francis Landy
Levinas on Prophecy

Adriane Leveen
‘Where were you when I founded the earth?’ Poetic Subversions of a Human-Centered World in Job

Heather A. McKay
Making a Difference, Then and Now: The Very Different Lives and Afterlives of Dinah and Rizpah

David L. Petersen
Blood in the Post-Flood World

Jack M. Sasson
Farewell to ‘Mr So and So’ (Ruth 4.1)?

Jesper Svartvik
Rendering the Rending of the Veil:
What Difference Does It Make?

Marvin A. Sweeney
Eschatology in the Book of Ezekiel

Phyllis Trible
Difference among the Distaff: A Reading of Exodus 1.1–2.10

Gene M. Tucker
Amos and the Cult

Andrea L. Weiss
Motives behind Biblical Mixed Metaphors

H.G.M. Williamson
Scribe and Scroll: Revisiting the Great Isaiah Scroll from Qumran

Jacob L. Wright
Between Nation and State in the Book of Samuel: The Case of Ittai the Gittite