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xvi + 296 pp.

£60 / $95 / €75
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£24.50 / $28.50 / €26.50

Ears That Hear
Explorations in Theological Interpretation of the Bible
Edited by Joel Green, Tim Meadowcroft

The contemporary renaissance of theological interpretation as an approach to reading the Bible has brought with it a host of questions. Most importantly, what is the relationship between theological interpretation and more traditional forms of historical inquiry characteristic of the field in the modern era? Does theological interpretation require that the church’s faith determine the meaning of biblical texts? How does a theological hermeneutic navigate the conventional roles of author, text, and reader? What are the natural intellectual companions of theological interpretation?

Essays in this volume tackle questions like these primarily by engaging directly with biblical texts, both in theological interpretation for its own sake and to see what the texts themselves might suggest about doing theological interpretation. The result is a much-needed exploration of theological interpretation in the hands of biblical scholars, theologians, and linguists occupied with exegesis.

The volume arises from an international colloquium on the theological interpretation of the Bible held at Laidlaw College in Auckland, New Zealand, in August 2011.

Joel B. Green is Associate Dean for the Center for Advanced Theological Studies and Professor of New Testament Interpretation, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California.
Tim Meadowcroft is Senior Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Head of School: Theology, Mission and Ministry, Laidlaw College, Auckland, New Zealand.

978-1-907534-77-5 hardback / 978-1-910928-35-6 paperback
Publication February 2013

Introduction: An Interpretive Conversation
     Tim Meadowcroft

1. Theological Interpretation and the Problem of Method
     Murray Rae

2. The Problem of ‘History’ in Recent Theological Commentary
     Seth Heringer

3. Theological Interpretation of Scripture in Sermonic Mode: The Case of T.F. Torrance
     Myk Habets

4. Interpreting the Bible on Language: Babel and Ricoeur’s Interpretive Arc
     Allan Bell

5. The Ascent of Theological Reading: Iconoclasm and the Divine Event of Making Readers
     John C. McDowell

6. Lex orandi, lex vivendi: A Theological Interpretation of Discipleship in the Gospel of Matthew
     Marianne Meye Thompson

7. ‘He Ascended into Heaven’: Jesus’ Ascension in Lukan Perspective, and Beyond
     Joel B. Green

8. The Anabaptist Vision of the Church and Faith in the Epistle to the Hebrews
     Matthew C. Easter

9. 1 Timothy 3.16 as a Proto-Rule of Faith
Paul Trebilco

10. ‘Exegesis as Love’: Encountering Truth in John 14.15-26
     Tim Meadowcroft

11. Theological Interpretation and the Book of Lamentations: A Polyphonic Reconsideration
     Miriam J. Bier

12. History, Hermeneutics, and Theodicy in Light of Israel’s Tradition of Protest
     James E. Harding

13. Response: Theological Interpretation on Display: Trajectories and Questions
     Joel B. Green

14. Response: Reading as Formation
     Murray Rae