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306 pp.

£25 / $39.50 / €29.50

Plotted, Shot, and Painted
Cultural Representations of Biblical Women. Second Revised Edition
J. Cheryl Exum

Plotted, Shot, and Painted stakes out new territory for feminist biblical criticism. It considers what happens to biblical women in popular culture, in art and in film, and it foregrounds questions about how gender interests affect interpretation and about the roles and responsibilities of commentators and readers. This second revised edition contains an additional chapter, ‘Lot and his Daughters’, and an expanded chapter on Delilah.

J. Cheryl Exum is Professor of Biblical Studies at the University of Sheffield.

Series: Classic Reprints
978-1-907534-67-6 paperback
Publication October 2012

1. Bathsheba Plotted, Shot and Painted
2. Michal at the Window, Michal in the Movies
3. The Hand That Rocks the Cradle
4. Prophetic Pornography
5. Lot and his Daughters
6. Is This Naomi?
7. Why, Why, Why, Delilah?

Exum’s mastery of biblical scholarship, film criticism, feminist theory, and a vast literary and artistic repertoire is overwhelming … a splendid work of analysis and critical thinking … The book introduces the reader to an extraordinarily rich variety of critical experiences, which far transcends the limitations of conventional biblical scholarship. Francis Landy, Prooftexts

… a joy to read—still learned, but also witty and passionate. Here is a new kind of biblical criticism. We are talking here of things that really matter, things that have caused hurt to women and also to men, and things that could be made better … It is about cinema, art, literature, popular song, and pornography. In other words, it places the Bible exactly where it should be, at the heart of our cultural experience from ‘high’ art to ‘low’ art … David Jasper, Biblical Interpretation

… essential for all concerned with literary, feminist, and cultural readings and representation of biblical texts. W. Lee Humpheys, Religious Studies Review

This book fully deserves its place as a ‘classic’ and remains an important resource for all those scholars with an interest in feminist approaches to the biblical text, as well as for those interested in reception criticism. H. Morse, Society for Old Testament Study Book List 2013.