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xxv + 265 pp.

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Words, Ideas, Worlds
Biblical Essays in Honour of Yairah Amit
Edited by Athalya Brenner, Frank H. Polak

This volume brings together fourteen essays by Israeli, European and American scholars honouring the distinct contribution of Yairah Amit to the literary study of the Hebrew Bible and to her public role, fostering especially the place of the Hebrew Bible in Israeli education. In biblical studies she has made significant contributions to the study of redactional and editorial activity, which she has always viewed from a rhetorical and literary point of view. These aspects were uniquely developed in her work on the books of Judges and Chronicles, in which literary considerations always lead to the recognition of the ideology behind the redactor’s work. Another key theme of hers has been overt and hidden polemics expressed or suggested by the narrative text.

The studies assembled in the present volume deal with the many aspects of Amit’s work, from the biblical and post-biblical down to the mediaeval and the modern period. Central fields are the art of the redactor and inner-biblical polemics (Diana Edelman, Cynthia Edenburg, Nadav Na’aman, Meira Polliack, Dalit Rom-Shiloni), literary scrutiny (Ed Greenstein, Lillian Klein Abensohn, Frank Polak), ideology in social and religious contexts (Ehud Ben Zvi, Israel Knohl), and feminist and cultural studies in a wider sense (Athalya Brenner, Cheryl Exum, Yael Feldman, Shulamit Valler).

This is the fifth volume of the Amsterdam Studies in the Bible and Religion (ed. Athalya Brenner), a sub-series of the Bible in the Modern World and Hebrew Bible Monographs.

Athalya Brenner is Professor Emerita of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and Professor of Biblical Studies at Tel Aviv University, Israel.
Frank H. Polak is Professor of Bible at Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Series: Hebrew Bible Monographs, 40
978-1-907534-50-8 hardback
Publication August 2012

1. Athalya Brenner and Frank H. Polak, Introduction

2. Ehud Ben Zvi, Observations on Lines of Thought Concerning the Concepts of Prophecy and Prophets in Yehud, with an Emphasis on Deuteronomy–2 Kings and Chronicles

3. Athalya Brenner, Women and Men He Created Them: Gender and Ideologies in the Book of Judges

4. Diana Edelman, Hidden Ancestral Polemics in the Book of Genesis?

5. Cynthia Edenburg, Rewriting, Overwriting, and Overriding: Techniques of Editorial Revision in the Deuteronomistic History

6. J. Cheryl Exum, Samson and his God: Modern Culture Reads the Bible

7. Yael S. Feldman, Mock Abrahams, Silent Gods, Nascent States: The Sacrifice of Isaac and Familicide in Early America

8. Edward L. Greenstein, Reading Pragmatically: Interpreting the Binding of Isaac

9. Lillian Klein Abensohn, The Art of Irony: The Book of Judges

10. Israel Knohl, God's Victory over ‘The Olden Gods’: Theological Corrections in Deuteronomy 33.12, 27

11. Nadav Na’aman, Roads That Configure the Space in Biblical Narratives

12. Frank H. Polak, Divine Names, Sociolinguistics and the Pragmatics of Pentateuchal Narrative

13. Meira Polliack, Beware of the Gap: The Medieval Concept of ‘Elision’ (ikhtisār) and its Relationship to Modern and Midrashic Notions of ‘Gap-Filling’ in Biblical Narrative Exegesis

14. Dalit Rom-Shiloni, When an Explicit Polemic Initiates a Hidden One: Jacob’s Aramaic Identity

15. Shulamit Valler, Strong Women Confront Helpless Men: Deborah and Jephthah's Daughter in the Midrash