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x + 216 pp.

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From Judah to Judea
Socio-economic Structures and Processes in the Persian Period
Edited by Johannes Unsok Ro

It has long been recognized that the Persian period is crucial to the history of the formation of the biblical corpora. The essays presented in this volume explore this critically important era, reconstructing the socio-economic shifts that took place as well as the religio-theological environment of the Judean community and its neighbours.

The topics of this volume, sociological, archaeological and theological, include: ethnicities and administration in Persian-era Palestine (Yigal); the historical origin of the concept of the piety of the poor at Qumran (Ro); the development of the theological concept of Yhwh’s punitive justice (Ro); social, cultural and demographic transformations in Persian-period Judah (Faust); changes in Judah and its neighbouring provinces in the fourth century BCE (Fantalkin and Tal); some Greek views of the Persian empire (Sano).

The papers collected in this volume were presented at an international conference held at International Christian University (ICU) in Tokyo, February 17–19, 2011, a testimony to the fruitfulness of this unusual Asian–Israeli scholarly dialogue.

Johannes Unsok Ro is Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan.

Series: Hebrew Bible Monographs, 43
978-1-907534-55-3 hardback / 978-1-909697-23-2 paperback
Publication November 2012

1. Yigal Levin, Judea, Samaria and Idumea: Three Models of Ethnicity and Administration in the Persian Period
2. Johannes Unsok Ro, The Piety of the Poor in the Community of Qumran
and its Historical Origins
3. Johannes Unsok Ro, The Theological Concept of Yhwh’s Punitive Justice in the Hebrew Bible: Historical Development in the Context of the Judean Community in the Persian Period
4. Avraham Faust, Social, Cultural and Demographic Changes in Judah during the Transition from the Iron Age to the Persian Period and the Nature of the Society during the Persian Period
5. Alexander Fantalkin and Oren Tal, Judah and its Neighbors in the Fourth Century BCE: A Time of Major Transformations
6. Yoshinori Sano, The Representation of the Persian Empire by Greek Authors, with Special Reference to Aeschylus and Herodotus