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xii + 373 pp.

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Reading Ideologies
Essays on the Bible and Interpretation in Honor of Mary Ann Tolbert
Edited by Tat-siong Benny Liew

Mary Ann Tolbert has been a pioneering voice in what we have now come to call ‘interdisciplinary reading’ of the Bible. In the early stages of her career, Tolbert used New Testament parables to push biblical scholarship beyond the traditional confines of historical-critical methods. Over the past four decades, she has made significant contributions to psychoanalytical, narrative, rhetorical, feminist, and queer readings of the Bible, and has interrogated the social location of biblical interpreters as well as the ideological implications of reading and reading methodologies.

Divided into three main sections, this collection of essays from biblical scholars around the world to honor Tolbert engage the very issues that have driven and defined Tolbert’s scholarship: reading between the historical and the literary; reading between biblical authority and social location; and reading between gender and sexuality. The title of the collection focuses on an often-used but arguably under-examined term in biblical studies: ‘ideology’. Together, essays in this volume not only perform ideological criticism of the Bible but also profess the ideological nature of criticism itself, since—regardless of ‘what’ and ‘how’ one is reading—the act of reading is always already infused with ideology. By highlighting the work of ideology in interpretation, this volume ultimately suggests that while ideology impacts interpretation of meaning, the meaning of ideology itself also needs to be interpreted.

Tat-siong Benny Liew is Professor of New Testament at the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, California.

Series: Bible in the Modern World, 40
978-1-907534-27-0 hardback
Publication September 2011

Tat-siong Benny Liew, Introduction: Reading Ideologies and Ideologies of Reading

Part I: Reading between the Historical and the Literary

Michelle A. Connolly, Women Bold with Authority: The Horse Thief, the Debater and the Biblical Scholar
David Landry, Luke’s Revision of Matthew’s Infancy Narrative
John A. Darr, ‘Be Not Anxious’: Reading Martha and Mary (Lk. 10.38-42) within Luke’s Overall Discourse on Anxiety
Yong-Sung Ahn, The Construction of Relational Space in Luke’s Narrative
Abraham Smith, Like a Sage over Troubled Waters: The Politics of Space and the Characterizaiton of Jesus in Mk 4.35-41
Janice Capel Anderson, Narratology, the Three Worlds of the Text and a Door to Engagement
Margaret R. Miles, On Getting over Oneself

Part II: Reading between Biblical Authority and Social Location

Dan O. Via, The Ironic Moral Peril of a Chosen People
Luise Schottroff, Torah, Sin and the Roman Empire in 1 Corinthians
L. William Countryman, The Gospel of John in a Multicultural World
Musa W. Dube, Towards Postcolonial Feminist Translations of the Bible
Fernando F. Segovia, A Theological Reading of Scripture? Problematic and Vision in the Aftermath and Crossroads of Disciplinary Transformation

Part III: Reading between Gender and Sexuality

J. Cheryl Exum, Sex, Desire, Love and Romance in the Hebrew Bible: An Essay
Sean D. Burke, Early Christian Drag: The Ethiopian Eunuch as a Queering Figure
Shawn Kelley, Put Them to the Sword: The Bible and Gender in the Wake of Genocide
Ken Stone, The Ostrich Leaves her Eggs to the Earth: Queer Animals of God in the Book of Job
Andrea Bieler, A Susceptible Practice: Performing Baptismal Identity
Ellen T. Armour, Theologizing from This Place: Finding Resources for Sexual Justice