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Bible in the Modern World

71 book(s) found. Click on a book title to view further details

56. Jouissance
A Cixousian Encounter with the Song of Songs
Yael Cameron Klangwisan
Publication Date: March 2015

61. Moses
The Man and the Myth in Music
Helen Leneman
Publication Date: July 2014

60. Methods, Theories, Imagination
Social Scientific Approaches in Biblical Studies
Edited by David J. Chalcraft, Frauke Uhlenbruch, Rebecca S. Watson
Publication Date: July 2014

59. Troubling Women and Land
Reading Biblical Texts in Aotearoa New Zealand
Judith E. McKinlay
Publication Date: April 2014

58. Reforging the Bible
More Biblical Stories and their Literary Reception
Anthony C. Swindell
Publication Date: January 2014

55. Encountering Violence in the Bible
Edited by Markus Zehnder, Hallvard Hagelia
Publication Date: October 2013

53. ‘Say you are my sister’
Danger, Seduction and the Foreign in Biblical Literature and Beyond
Shula Keshet
Publication Date: October 2013

57. The Bible as Visual Culture
When Text Becomes Image
John Harvey
Publication Date: September 2013

54. The Sacrifice of Isaac
The Reception of a Biblical Story in Music
Siobhán Dowling Long
Publication Date: August 2013

52. Son of Man
An African Jesus Film
Edited by Richard Walsh, Jeffrey L. Staley, Adele Reinhartz
Publication Date: April 2013