About Phoenix Press

Sheffield Phoenix Press is a publisher specializing in biblical studies. It was founded in 2004 under the direction of David J.A. Clines, J. Cheryl Exum and Keith W. Whitelam, and since 2018 has been directed by David J.A. Clines and Jeremy M.S. Clines. Continuing the best traditions of publishing from Sheffield, it has made its aim to support scholarship with high quality academic books and journals, and has developed a distinctive presence among publishers serving the field of biblical studies.

Sheffield Phoenix Press undertakes:

  • to be an independent company (not part of a conglomerate)

  • to be managed by academics for academics (not in order to maximize profit)

  • to be led by the publishing ideas of academics (rather than commissioning scholars to carry out the agenda of the publisher)

  • to concentrate on scholarly monographs

  • to keep all its titles in print indefinitely

  • to offer a year-round 50% discount for individual scholars and students on all hardback books when a paperback is not available

  • to maintain an accurate and up-to-date website

  • to provide thoughtful order processing and clear information on prices and delivery times

After a period (2016-17) when Sheffield Phoenix Press's publication of unsolicited manuscripts was paused, we have been since 2018 accepting proposals of scholarly books and monographs in biblical studies, as well as publicizing and marketing our list of over 300 titles. In addition to publishing about 20 new titles each year, a major project of the Press at present is the creation of the nine-volume Dictionary of Classical Hebrew Revised, of which two volumes have been published by the end of 2019.

Sheffield Phoenix Press is directed by David J.A. Clines and Jeremy M.S. Clines. The Office Manager of the Press is Louise A. Clines. For contact details, see Contact Us on this website.

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